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Visual Representation

The movements of the diamond disk are calculated in the machine software so that all convex shapes consisting of arcs and straight lines can be bruted. That means that EOS Fancy can brute not only curved shapes (round fancies) like pear, marquise, oval, cushion, but also straight shapes like emerald, princess, radiant.

Below image illustrates the movement of the disk during the bruting process, forming the contour of a pear shape.

EOS Fancy is suitable for stones with a minimum width of 2 mm and a maximal length of 30 mm. The culet of the diamond is positioned in the pot. The pin works in two ways: it exerts pressure on the table, to keep the stone fixed during the process. At the same time it aligns the table of the stone, so the girdle is perfectly perpendicular to the stone.

Pots for fancies are specifically designed so that every fancy shape can be clamped in the pot. They come in different sizes, depending on the size of the stones. The pins are identical to the pins used for round ones. Both holders turn simultaneously at a low speed.

To brute the stone, a special composition of the diamond scaife is used. The scaife moves in cooling-liquid to cool down the bruted stone. The liquid contains some special conditioner; this facilitates the bruting process. The scaife consists of diamond grains combined with a binding agent. When the grains wear off during the bruting process, the binding agent releases the worn off grains and lets new grains surface. The composition of the scaife guarantees an equilibrium between wear and productivity. And the cooling liquid too contributes to this process. During this process the diamond travels parallel to its rotation axis. The travel range can be set so the girdle surpasses the scaife at both sides, which guarantees an equal wear of the scaife. The plunjer is only being used to do a pre-centring of the stone. The centring of the diamond for bruting fancy shapes is completely taken over and executed by the machine software. EOS Fancy can be operated manually or through a rough scanner transfer. In the manual mode, the rough stone is measuerd by the measuring probe (see below 2 photos).The parameters setting and the position of a desired shape has to be introduced in the software via the screen menu.

In the transfer mode, the 3D models of the rough stone and the optimized fancy shape are exported from the planning software of the rough planner to Eos Fancy. The operator then only has to align the rough scanner model to the actual rough in the Eos Fancy machine. The fancy shape coupled to the 3D-representation of the rough is centred automatically and bruted after a simulation of the bruting process. Transfers from all major producers of rough scanners to Eos Fancy are supported. The process is constantly monitored and is interrupted as soon as the wheel load is too high. Once the desired proportion is reached, the machine stops automatically and waits for further action of the operator.
The whole process is controlled through the EOS control software on the PC. The machine guarantees a vibration-free cutting process. Eos Fancy was designed focussing on superb girdle quality, productivity, functionality and ergonomics.


The transfer method from rough scanners and planners, the use of high technology and the ergonomic control will allow you to:


The Diamond to be bruted should have Table-Zero (i.e Table as shown above) and some Rough Culet or Pavilion Facets to hold the stone between the Pots… (provisional Taper - Coning or Blocking of pavilion Facets (at least 4 ) to hold the culet will be quite helpful..) or else the Diamond has to be glued like Normal Bruter…To save onto the time..It is advisable to have such coning and final table.

Tilt is not allowed, so kindly re-align the table in scanner and re-save your files.

Sarin supporting file for Exporting

Weight 8 kg.
Dimension L 605 x H 640 x D 640 mm
Working Temperature Range Min. 5° - max. 30°
Weight 15 kg.
Dimension L 300 x H 400 x D 190 mm
voltage 230V—50/60Hz

Price (Ex-works)
Module Price in €
EOS Fancy Bruter € Not Available

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