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Why ?

Trade sellers have no tool to explain diamond performance, to command higher price for better performing diamonds. The only tool available to them is higher discount

10x loupe observation is sufficient to observe clarity difference between diamonds. But the loupe offers little explanation on how the diamonds look in real life environment

A consumer at jewelry showroom is hardly offered any buying experience, which is so critical when they are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a luxury product

Jewelers have hard time explaining the unique features of a diamond to buyers. It is difficult to explain brilliance, fire or optical symmetry to clients or consumers

Diamond looks different in different seller’s office. So the trade buyer has little trust in purchasing diamond from any office due to past bad experience

What ?

Cutwise Online can be used to objectively compare two or more diamonds

The buyers can validate the videos and images they see on screen with the help of CutwiseLive

Consumers have a hard time translating onscreen video to real life observation. With CutwiseLive the seller can help bridge that gap

Trade buyers can make comparison between diamonds at the seller’s office by using CutwiseLive

Different environments

Office and Fire environment, with real life body obscuration

AGS ASET environment (optional for Standard unit), to analyze optical symmetry

Diffused environment (not shown here) to study fluorescence and its effect on color of the diamond – available with CutwiseLive+ unit only.

*Optional ETAS environment to study the cut design, to understand how the diamond is picking up the light from environment around. It also helps understand how slow or fast the diamond scans the environment when tilted.

Compare two Cushions



Compare Solitaire and group of Melee



Study Jewelry piece



Touch Mechanism

Touching the unit just under the Green light, turns on AGS ASET lighting. Touching under White light turns on Office lighting. Touching under Yellow light, turns on Fire lighting.
Touching under Purple light, turns on UV light (only for CutwiseLive+ unit).

Wrong Position

The indicator ring stays CYAN

The LED source turns OFF automatically when the environment dome is removed.

Correct Position

Different colors lights up on the indicator ring

Different environment lights can be turned ON only if the right dome is placed in right position.


The stick can be moved to move the Gimbal, so as the see how the stone will behave in different environment when moved.

The Ocular can be rotated to adjust lens focal distance to suit observers with different eyesight focus.

Features Comparison
SR.NO Features CutwiseLive CutwiseLive+
1 Base unit with Full spectrum White LED lights, controls to turn these lights in specific sequence, touch sense switch controls and 2 axes Gimbal       ✔       ✔
2 UV LED lights & necessary filters       ✖       ✔
3 Office Lighting environment Dome       ✔       ✔
4 AGS ASET environment Dome       ✖       ✔
5 Diffuse environment Dome (to check Fluorescence & true color in presence and absence of UV light) with necessary UV cut filter to protect eyes       ✖       ✔
6 Necessary stage set       ✔       ✔
7 Adjustable Ocular with magnifying lens       ✔       ✔
8 Suitable Power supply       ✔       ✔

Price (Ex-works)
Model Price
CutwiseLive (DiBoxJD-Standard)* € 770.00
CutwiseLive+ (DiBoxJD-Pro) € 1170.00
Optional Accessories
Add AGS ASET Environment Dome € 51.00
Add H&A Environment Dome € 51.00
Add ETAS Environment Dome TBD
Add Mobile Phone Camera Accessories € 48.00
Additional Ocular € 85.00
Flight Case for Cutwise Live € 105.00
Add Personalised Branding on Cutwise Live € 465.00

* Buyer has option to add AGS ASET & H&A environment Dome in CutwiseLive at extra cost.

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