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The Helium Polish diamond scanner is known to be the most precise and popular polish diamond scanner with a very intuitive software, used invariably by diamond cutting factories, laboratories and dealers alike.

There comes the GURU, helping improve scan from the Helium Polish Shadow scanner. When a diamond scanned on HP shadow scanner is scanned on HP – Pavilion Reflect scanner, the information from the previous scan will be used to light the individual facets on the Pavilion, including Main facets. Based on the shine from the facet, the model will be corrected to result in very precise model building and accurate facet size, slope and azimuth angle measurement. Also the junctions which are not measured correctly on Helium Polish Scanner, specially for fancy shapes also get corrected automatically resulting in a very precise model building.

This accurate 3D model can be used to calculate facet size and facet junction size with ultimate precision, allowing one to grade the polish diamond’s cut grade, symmetry grade as well as minor symmetry, completely objectively.

Salient Features

Model HP-PR+ 22.5
Field of view : 14.2mm X 22.6mm
Polish Size : Minimum 4.5 mm
Maximum 22.5 mm
Slope angle limit : 20° to 70°
Diamond types : Any Cut
3D-model accuracy : 11.7 microns
Standard ReCut option : Available
Asymmetric Smart Recut Option  based on GIA Facetware + MyGIA : Optional (Euro 4020)
GIA Facetware based Grade estimation: Optional - Cut as well as Symmetry (Euro 1235)
Soft HTML5 Report Very advanced interactive 3D report (i3D report)
Print reports : Available (Very detailed + user defined)
Custom report : Available
Mfg. Warranty : 24 months
Service Warranty : 12 months
Projected RBC range : 0.35 to 38 Cts
Projected Marquise range : 0.60 to 10.7 Cts

Hardware Specification
Model HP-PR+ 22.5
Lens : 0.5x
CMOS Camera : 1/1.2" - 1936X1216
Computer Requirements : View
Operating Systems : Windows 10 Professional - 64bit
Weight : 25 Kgs
Dimensions L x W x H : 92 X 19 X 24 (cm)
Power consumption : 220V 50Hz 300W (Other than this, contact us)

Price (Ex-works)
HP-PR+ 22.5 : € 35,490.00 (includes Euro 3000 for built-in 2nd year warranty)
All The Prices Are Ex-Works, Surat includes Computer System W/O Monitor, Excluding Freight, Insurance, Packing & Forwarding and Taxes
Terms & Conditions
  • HP Pavilion Reflect Carbon Scanner can be used only with an annual subscription payable to Octonus Finland Oy Ltd from 2nd year onwards.
  • The payment should be in 100% advance.
  • All prices are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed, except that price for an order that LEXUS SOFTMAC has accepted.
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