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Why To Use a Stress Scope?

What Does A Stress Scope Contain?

Types Of Stress
Stress can be mainly classified in two categories :

Localized Stress can be located in any part of the diamond, and is localized. While working with the diamond, if plane of operation passes through this localized stress point, the stone is likely to result in damage.

Leopard Skin Stress can be generally found spread in the diamond. These stones are highly sensitive to temperature gradient. If the stone is heated and suddenly cooled during any of the process, the diamond is likely to damage. Such stone can easily explode if no proper care is taken at the time of manufacturing.

How To Use A Stress Scope ?

Adjust the Top and Bottom polar axes mutually perpendicular, so that no light can traverse both plates, and the field of view under the magnifying lens is quite dark. Then hold the diamond using tweezers; placing it in between the two optics, and try to see from the top optics, through magnifying lens.

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