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OEM AL AdaptiveLight

Medicine balls in transparent shell

SDK consists of

Light Assembly (for the sample unit)
Weight 2 kgs.
Dimension 240 L x 240 W x 140 H mm
Camera 2.3 MPxl (1/1.2” CMOS) Color
Field of View 80 x 50 mm
Working Distance 57 mm
No. of LED light source 16 (8-35˚, 4-45˚, 4-55˚)
No. of Shades 3 (White Diffuse, White Diffuse with holes, Black shade with holes)
AL Mounting Diameter 50 mm
Front Diameter 240 mm

Electronic Power Supply Box
Weight 4.25 kgs.
Dimension 330 L x 250 W x 100 H mm
Power Supply 80 x 50 mm

Computer Specification (not supplied)
Processor Intel Core i7-8700K CPU 3.70GHz or higher
Motherboard MSI 370-A Pro
RAM Corsair 32GB DDR4 RAM or higher
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 or higher
SSD HiStor SSD 240GB or higher
Hard Disk HDD 1TB or higher
LAN Card Intel I210 Gigabit Network card x 2 nos.
Operating System Microsoft Windows professional 10/11 x64 bit

Price (Ex-works)
Module Price in €
Octonus Adaptive Light Starting from € 3900.00
(Adaptive Light Module, Electronic Box, Standalone windows application, SDK)
Shipping cost At extra Gross weight of the shipment – 12 kgs)

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