Which rough is suitable?
What data is required?

Manufacturing Options for Diamond manufacturers

Option 1: Committed Client partners:

This technology will be licensed to a few selected prospective diamond fashioners, who wish to make use of it and benefit out of it, by planning the rough diamond based on 4 Cs. The license has to be renewed every six months. Period of license remains, 1st April to 30th September and 1st October to 31st March. Manufacturer can buy the front end equipment suggested by us. We will provide information about the spectrometer to be purchased.

We have tested one spectrometer, which we are using from more than 2 years now. This spectrometer analysis is very accurate, but takes a bit more time (around 1 minute per diamond window set). We are constructing another type of spectrometer, which will perform quicker analysis. But we will need around 2 to 4 months to test this new spectrometer, before suggesting the same to diamond manufacturing partners.

Spectrometer with holder – tested and approved by us

We will also sell the light table, which will be used to take images of the rough stone. We will provide the necessary training to your staff, in making right use of these front end equipment’s. The manufacturer will provide above 4 data for every diamond. See the following format:

Light Table – Lab model (used during development)

To reduce the file size, inclusions may be omitted from oxygen file. The oxygen file can have up to 20 different solutions for color analysis. These data has to be submitted online in above format in tabular form. Specific web space will be defined for every licensee.

On receipt of these data, our web based server will make the analysis and estimate color for every solution submitted with the oxygen file. This solution will be posted in the data table, from where the licensee can download the file. This file will be in the following format: The width of blue band will define range of color grade under which the diamond is likely to fall. Please note, if the blue band is too wide, it indicates that spectrum thru different window set is not similar, which may be because of zoning or error in taking spectrum reading.

Our engineer will visit your facility once every week, to help you analyze necessary data and understand the analysis.

Option 2: Thru Lemon TechnoMist:

Any manufacturer can submit their rough diamond with planning solution in form of oxygen file, with 2 to 3 set of inline parallel windows polished on it, to Lemon Techno Mist. We will take necessary records for the rough and make color estimation for every solution submitted with oxygen file.

Price (Ex-works)
Module Price in €
DZ+ Softwae € Not Available
Spectrometer (Detail) € Not Available
Light Table (Detail) € Not Available
Parallel O Guide € Not Available

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